Heirloom Buttons

Established in 2007, Heirloom Buttons is run by Joanne Hess. Joanne is a mother, grandmother, retired Family & Consumer Science teacher, seamstress and crafter from Lancaster County, PA. She enjoys creating jewelry with inspiration coming from the "beauty of vintage buttons."

For Joanne, early childhood memories include rummaging through her mother's button bag collection and being fascinated with the allure of buttons. Being a  seamstress in the past, she enjoys selecting buttons for her clothing sewing projects. Over time, her collection of buttons was beginning to grow. In 2007 she began to explore a way to turn these beautiful buttons into jewelry. She loves to scour antique shops and estate sale button collections looking for the perfect vintage buttons to create her beautiful button jewelry. Enjoy your One-of-a-kind heirloom treasure!