bookman graphics

Lisa Mears is a graphic designer and owner of Bookman Graphics. Lisa was raised in Lancaster County, but left to go to college. She met her husband in graduate school, then raised two sons and a daughter in Virginia. When the kids flew the coop she and her husband, Gary, moved to Litiz! 

Lisa has been a graphic designer since 1988, but it was not until 2011, when her oldest boy went off to college, that she began creating and selling her own greeting cards, prints, and other products. 

Beyond what you see in The Colored Coat, Lisa also designs custom wedding stationery, invitations for special occasions, corporate materials, and fun, unique Christmas cards. In addition, she is an avid photographer, a bible geek, and a sappy mom. You can see samples of her work online at both and 

She works out of her home office, which means she gets to wear blue jeans and sweatpants to work! 

Life is good and she is grateful!