Amalgamated Maille

"I weave metal, what's your superpower?"

Raised in New Jersey, Peter spent most of his youth through his twenties as a volunteer firefighter in Roebling. Once he added EMT to his resume it was a short jump to nursing school and he is now an RN working towards his bachelor's degree. 

His passion for chain maille was given to him from his wife, Calla, who is herself an avid crafter and lifelong artist. Peter wanted to have a creative outlet of his own and found baking cheesecakes, grilling, and BBQing dinner as well as photography suited him. 

He wanted to do something more and was encourage to try chain maille jewelry. Finding it to be a natural habit to pick up, he has continued to experiment and learn new weaves. Several pieces have even won local awards in his former home of Bucks County. He continues to challenge himself with art pieces as well as functional jewelry. 

A goal for the next year is to find a place to teach maille jewelry to others and to make a classical maille shirt out of lightweight aluminum. 

"I hope people get as much pleasure from wearing the pieces as I did making them."